Sentinel lymph node biopsy

The sentinel lymph node biopsy is a surgical procedure in the treatment of malignant melanoma that is supposed to detect metastases from melanoma in the regional lymph nodes. Is this an effective treatment? read more


Can malignant melanoma be prevented? How well have prevention methods been examined? Why do more and more people suffer from malignant melanoma? Are UV-rays responsible for the development of malignant melanoma? Does sun screen lotion prevent melanoma? read more

Skin Type

The sun sensitivity of people with white skin colour varies. Therefore, white people are subdivided into four skin types. Is this subdivision useful? more on this topic soon

Adjuvant Therapy

An adjuvant therapy is performed, if a patient is clinically tumour-free, but has a certain probability of still having some tumour cells somewhere in the body. This could for example be the case, if the melanoma has been surgically removed and further examinations showed no metastases. What adjuvant therapies are offered? What therapies are really effective? more on this topic soon


What therapies are offered for malignant melanoma, if metastases were found? How effective are these therapies? What clinical studies are offered? Is it useful to participate in these clinical studies? more on this topic soon

Health Economics

What are the costs related to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures? What are the benefits of these procedures? Who benefits – patients, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, health insurance providers…….politicians? more on this topic soon